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pH & ORP Measurement Sensors
- For the toughest conditions in the world.


Dissolved Oxygen System
Dissolved Oxygen System
- A unique design offering high accuracy measurement
at a very low cost.


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Water Quality
- Innovative water compliance & monitoring equipment.


- A range of conductivity sensors, designed to perform
in extreme conditions.


- Superior quality and functionality in these
purpose built analysers.


- Hardware to provide ease of use and
additional functionality.


Engineered to Outlast!

At Turtle Tough we don’t just mass produce sensors… we hand make them with precision, design and materials specific to your application. Our unique sensors are designed to outperform our competitors many times over.  With fewer replacement sensors and lower maintenance costs you are guaranteed a lower cost of ownership and greater returns through improved measurement control.

Our unique and proprietary pH glass formulations and ORP elements are extreme in their performance in harsh environments. Through our experience in the world’s toughest applications we have developed sensors that have been optimised for high hydrofluoric acid, saturated sodium, high sulphide, organic solvents, high temperature and slurry/viscous applications.

By utilising solid-state conductive reference junction polymers we are able to achieve accurate measurement while resisting process contamination into the reference system. This ability to maintain high ionic conductivity while resisting aggressive gas intrusion is what makes our sensors outlast virtually all competitors in difficult process control conditions.

Rather than a one size fits all approach, easy sensor is optimised for its intended process use, with various salt mixtures and polymer formulations

Resilient plastic housings are chosen based upon your application, our goal being to utilise the most cost effective plastic that can achieve the process requirements for physical durability and chemical resistance.  Additionally our plastics are available in a wide variety of physical configurations to meet any type of installation style.

Turtle Tough Performance Warranty

We know that all manufacturers claim superior performance, but at Turtle Tough we stand by our claim. We guarantee that our recommended sensor will exceed the performance of your existing system and OEM sensors.  If we don’t get it right the first time, we will replace the sensor free of charge with an improved design or refund your money. See terms and conditions.

Lowest Cost of Ownership Guaranteed

When it comes to difficult applications one should be more concerned about the long term cost of measurement or ownership of a system.   Low cost replacement sensors often provide a very high cost of long term ownership.  Regular replacement of low cost sensors involves more time and money.  More manpower is required to replace and install sensors and a higher rate of deterioration means more frequent calibration.  Low cost sensors are usually poorly designed and prone to rapid fouling requiring more cleaning.  With a higher demand for both cleaning and calibration requirements it can also mean greater process or yield losses due to compromised accuracy and process control.

Often manufacturers will provide cute functions like quick connection fittings or remote digital calibration to facilitate rapid change-out.  In reality this just masks the underlying problem of a high sensor turnover.

Our turtle tough sensors are priced to reflect their superior materials, workmanship and performance.  Our customers experience a longevity that far exceeds competitive products and lowers the total cost of ownership.  We guarantee you the same experience.  See terms and conditions.