The unique Turtle Tough Valve retractable assembly allows fast and easy insertion & removal of sensors directly into process tanks or pipes at pressures up to 100 psig.

2” Assembly – Designed for viscous and process media

1 1/2 “ Assembly –  Suitable for clean process media

1 1/4 “ Assembly –  Supports 3/4″ rear threaded legacy sensors


The 3 meter Stainless steel immersion rod allows easy access from the top of tanks right into critical assets.

The immersion rod comes complete with tank holder assembly, female fittings for probe attachment,

plate holder for junction box and cable gland.The rod comes in two pieces that can be cut to length.


The 1″ Turtle Tough Twist Lock Receptacle fits together with any suitable mating 1″ TT Twist Lock Sensor.

The Twist lock receptacle allows you to link to submersible assemblies.Please carefully check the recommend maximum temperature and pressure rating of your sensor prior to installation.


The Turtle Touch Tri-Clover fitting offers a convenient quick disconnect that allows for easy calibrations and clean in any process. 316SS sanitary sensor fittings are available in 1.5″, 2.0″ or 2.5″ Tri-Clover sizes (and other larger sizes upon request). Double sealing O-rings ensure watertight seal during operation.

The Stainless Steel sanitary fitting is ideal for aggressive food and  beverage processes. Custom insertion depths are available upon request.


The Turtle Tough Junction Boxes are IP65 and include cable glands and connection strip. They are used in applications where there are long cable runs from the sensor to the transmitters, reducing sensor cost as there is less cable required, and saving on time at change over due to less cable needing to be rerun back into position. By utilising the optional External Preamplifier, the cost of the sensor is further reduced as an integral preamplifier is no longer required within the sensor.