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MMG Century Zinc
          Improved Lifetime 6-8 times, Supplying for 10 Years, OEM Analyser Foxboro

During operation of the zinc concentrator and thickener, the existing pH sensors were unable to cope with the solids content and composition, causing the reference junctions to persistently clog.
IPI supplies an OEM pH sensor for the existing Foxboro transmitters and now they can keep sensors operating through the self-cleaning sensor design. IPI’s OEM pH sensors are able to withstand high velocity and high solid content environments, removing problems due to blocking and clogging of reference junctions. Sensor life expectancy was increased to 6-8 times that of the previous sensors, and hands-on maintenance time was significantly reduced. We have been supplying MMG century for more than 10 years.

FQM Ravensthorpe
          Improved Lifetime 5 times, Supplying for 6 Years, OEM Analyser Yokogawa

The pressure acid leach in the nickel cobalt plant was unable to keep pH sensors in process for long enough to rely on the inline measurements because of the intense pressure and heat in the tanks.
IPI supplies an OEM sensor for the existing Yokogawa transmitters that is physically and chemically strong enough to last in the pressure leach tanks. The pH measurements are accurate and reliable, and the sensors require very little maintenance compared to the previous sensors. They are lasting upwards of five times as long with far fewer maintenance requirements. We have been supplying FQM Ravensthorpe for 6 years, and started supplying them not long after the plant was opened.

Tronox Kwinana
          Improved Lifetime 12 times, Supplying for 10 Years, OEM Analyser Emerson/Rosemount

The titanium dioxide plant converts dull black synthetic rutile into pure white titanium dioxide via chlorinators that produce titanium tetrachloride. Dissolved chlorine gases were deteriorating sensors so fast that calibrations were attempted twice a day, with a new sensors being used every 1-2 days.
IPI supplies OEM pH sensors to interface with existing Rosemount transmitters. These unique sensors have a high resistance MUGG glass electrode with Chlorine and dissolved gas resistance that give much greater accuracy and survive in process for months at a time; as much as a 12 fold gain in sensor life expectancy. Previous sensors were lucky to last for a week, and required constant checking, maintenance, cleaning and calibration. We have been supplying Tronox Kwinana for 10 years.

Telfer Gold (Newcrest)

This is a highly complex gold and copper ore mixing process, due to differing ore types which regularly changes as the gold seam spans many different rock formations. The sulfides and fluorides present produce dissolved gases that wreak havoc on sensor equipment, rendering most pH sensors unusable.
IPI supplies OEM sensors onto existing Yokogawa transmitters with triple junctions and Teflon silica fillings. This drastically reduces dissolved gas attack on the glass sensor elements, and greatly increased body strength resists the fluctuating solids contents at high velocity. Turtle tough sensors get as much as 12 times the life span of the previous sensors, and typically last 8 times as long as the previous sensors. We have supplied Telfer gold for more than 10 years.

Murrin Murrin / Minara (Glencore Xstrata)

The high pressure acid leach at this nickel cobalt mine meant measurement issues were rife, with sensors constantly failing and unable to control the process due to physical limitations of the sensors at critical measurement points. Even the locations they found to measure were destroying sensors too quickly to be economical.
IPI introduced OEM pH and ORP sensors capable of withstanding the high pressures and temperatures, as well as the chemical attacks on the reference junctions. At the initial point of installation sensors were barely lasting 10 days, IPI OEM sensors in some installations in the same installation are lasting on average 6 weeks. Data on how much better the sensors are doing than the previous installations is sparse, as IPI has been supplying them for over 15 years.

Evolution Mining

IPI OEM sensors are used throughout numerous sites in Australia with a typical Gold carbon-in-leach (CIL) process. The smaller nature of the processing facilities leads to electrical components being very close together, and conventional sensors are too affected by the electrical noise.
IPI supplies pH sensors with integral preamplifiers and anti-noise coaxial cable solved the problem, allowing for noise-free signal transmission. An additional advantage is that even in somewhat lighter applications, our sensor configurations are 3-4 times longer lasting than our best competitor. We have supplied many evolution mining sites throughout Australia for the last 8 years.

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