Our Team

Brenton Ward
General Manager

Brenton has 19 years experience in process measurement and control technologies. Brenton specialises in systems integration and training on measurement practices.

Garry Ward
Senior Consultant

Garry is a veteran chemist of 40+ years with an astounding knowledge of Mining, Refining and Chemical process industries. Garry specialises in solutions for extreme applications.

Robert Campbell
Process Measurement Specialist

Robert’s decades of experience in engineering and automation provide an invaluable contribution to our team. His attention to detail and strong science background will assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to measurement and instrumentation choice.

About Us

Best In Industry

Our factory has been making sensors for more than 30 years. We are a specialist manufacturer that hand make sensors for tough applications. Our sensors have found their way into some of the biggest plants and chemical processing facilities on the planet. Take a look at our references.

Our Strength

Long Sensor Life
Low Maintenance Requirements
Extreme Accuracy