Our pH glass tips are the most rugged in the world. The tips are hand-blown, and can be produced with incredible chemical resistance for the toughest applications. The sensing electrode holds an excess of KCl which assures saturation and accuracy at all temperatures.
Our sensors are made in a number of different body plastics, including PEEK, Radel, Ryton and CPVC. We match the highest performing and cost-effective body plastics to your specific application to ensure the best performance.
Triple junction systems remove problems with reference clogging and dissolved gas attack on the electrical components. Preamplifiers are available where electrical noise is a problem, always sending a reliable signal back to your controllers.
Reference electrode is a solid-state, conductive polymer embedded into porous Kynar plastics. This reference system eliminates the effects of extruding contaminants, and the high surface area ensures measurements can continue in the toughest environments.
Wherever your measurements are taken, we can accommodate. Be it full immersion, pipe insertion, tank wall insertion, launder or runoff we will ensure complete cable and electronic isolation from the environment, maintaining the highest level of accuracy and reliability

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